VAWAA is a mini-apprenticeship with a curated master artist or craftsman in cities around the world and I became one of them.

Why should you go on a VAWAA?

Each VAWAA is an opportunity to explore, learn, and create. Go on a VAWAA to take a digital detox and reconnect with the physical world. Discover a new destination and create real local connections. Spend time inside my studio making something with your hands. Learn a new creative skill. You can use a VAWAA to reconnect with creativity, have an authentic travel experience, hone a passion, get fresh inspiration, and so much more.

And now you have the opportunity to learn poster restoration with me.

If you are interested in restoring posters or graphic art in Prague, home to one of the biggest art nouveau artist and creator of rare posters, Alfons Mucha. I will guide you through the craft of restoring paper and retouching artwork from start to end, so you can enjoy your favorite posters for a long time.

my VAWAA Includes:

  • Restore a paper object like poster, map, photograph, comic, graphic, drawing, or print. Bring your own, or Ondrej can provide a graphic print / 1970-80 Czech movie poster.
  • Introduction to paper restoration and ethics.
  • Deepen appreciation for the craftsmanship and art in paper restoration.
  • Understand the paper itself, its history, production and use.
  • Learn techniques to repair paper and retouch artwork.
  • Explore working with proportions, choosing right colors, and materials.
  • How to clean, protect and store the artwork.
  • A restored paper artwork to take home.
If you want to join me, check VAWAA's website and book the date that suits you best.